Sunday, March 28, 2010

What is brand-knowledge? Where is brand-knowledge?

Kevin Keller defined brand knowledge as awareness of the brand name and belief about the brand image. Valuable beliefs are authentic beliefs – consistent and durable. In addition to belief, consumer experience is an important part of brand knowledge. Consumer experience includes emotions, sensations, and activity. Using the terminology of philosophy, beliefs are “explicit” knowledge – meaning they can be put in words, and experience is “tacit” knowledge – meaning it cannot be put in words.

Brand-knowledge – both explicit and tacit brand-knowledge – primarily is created by both the consumers and the marketer. Other players in brand-knowledge creation include researchers, advertising agencies, marketing consultants, distribution channel partners, and others. Brand- knowledge is created and held both by individual people and by groups.

So, brand-knowledge includes two dimensions:
beliefs (explicit) - experience (tacit) dimension
individual – group dimension

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