About This Site

The contents of this site reflect my own personal views on brand-knowledge creation.  These ideas were developed in my graduate school studies. In particular, the main ideas came from my study of  social identity in mass communication with Dr. Michael F. Weigold at the University of Florida Graduate School of Journalism and Mass Communications (USA) and my study of branding and knowledge creation under Dr. Satoshi Akutsu and Dr. Ikujiro Nonaka at the Hitotsubashi University Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy (Japan). The model presented here is based on the SECI model developed and elaborated on by Dr. Nonaka and others.

This site is not for commercial purposes. You are free to distribute any of the contents of this site for non-commercial purposes with attribution to author. If you would like to utilize the content within your organization or further develop any of the content, please contact me beforehand so that your experience can be incorporated in an ongoing knowledge creation process.